Movable Walls

  • 3rd February 2016

Sliding Folding Partitions and Movable Walls

Signature 8600 is the perfect operable and sliding wall solution to maximize space. The Signature panels are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminium frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The panels are available in a limitless range of finish possibilities.


Single panel configurations allow the greatest flexibility in layouts. The panels can be used in openings of unlimited width and in multiple locations should the layout require flexibility. Each panel utilizes two carriers and can be moved easily through right angle turns, or on very tall panels through switches and curves. Single panels can be stored away from the main track out of sight or adjacent to the opening for which they are intended. Glazed Crystal panels can also be included within Signature.


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  • Signature 8600 is available up to 6 metres high and 8800 system up to 9 metres high
  • Manually operated operable or sliding walls.
  • Pass doors may be incorporated in selected panels to provide fire safety or general access to an area.
  • Crystal Glazed panels can be with standard solid Signature panels or as a whole moveable partition system.
  • Telescopic closer panels.
  • Trimmed and trimless panels.
  • Acoustic rating up to 52Rw(dB).
  • Class 0 surface spread of flame.
  • 1 hour fire rating can be achieved.




8600 Technical


8600 PDF


8800 Technical


8800 PDF

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