Storage Machines and WMS

PaC-Light Update package

PaC-Light control update package is developed for upgrading old IPN / Paternoster storage systems. PaC-Light is developed for updating machines from the Constructor Group, but can also be installed on other manufacturer’s vertical carousels.

Paternosters delivered in the previous decades are mechanically in good shape, but the electrics and control systems are reaching the end of their life time. Spare parts are difficult to get if available at all and the technology itself is getting fairly old.

With PaC-Light control update package old Paternosters can be upgraded to meet today’s technology and safety regulations. PaC-Light also ensures longer life times for Paternosters.

Installation of the PaC-Light control takes normally one working day from two technicians. Therefore the daily operations at the Paternoster are not interrupted for a long period.

  • PaC-Light control update package meets today’s safety regulations
  • PaC-Light control using latest technology
  • TC2000 warehouse management system integration readiness
  • Easy and fast to install

PaC-Light control update package includes:

  • New electrical cabinet, w=500mm, d=300mm, h=500mm
  • Safety light curtains for the picking opening for personal safety
  • 2 light cells for top and bottom limits (product safety)
  • Pulse encoder to be attached to the axis of existing motor
  • Touch screen display, black and white as standard, color as an option
  • Home sensor
  • All needed cables
  • Package is delivered fully tested