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P90 Long Goods Storage

  • 8th July 2015

The P90 Long goods storage system is suitable for the storage and transhipping of heavy wood bundles. Frames are placed one behind the other and are fitted with rollers in between, enabling the bundles to simply roll into the racks.

P90 Components

The P90 Long goods storage system is not one specific product in its own right, but consists of several standard P90 frames supplemented with certain features and accessories in order to turn them into an efficient storage and handling system for wood bundles.

The frames, placed one behind the other, are attached to each other by horizontal and vertical braces. Rollers are situated between the frames, which enable the wood (bundles) to be easily rolled into the rack ( if necessary by a forklift truck equipped with a special attachment). The rollers have a high load-bearing capacity; the racks are therefore particularly suitable for heavy and bulky goods such as timber, plywood, chipboard and laminated boards.

This is an ideal product for building materials suppliers/wholesalers and DIY businesses.

High Degree of Stability

Due to their very stable construction and high-quality finishing, these P90 pallet racks can be built up to heights of 30 meters and can effortlessly withstand loads of over 30 tons. Additionally, by being galvanized all P90 components – ranging from the frame to the smallest part – have permanent protection against external influences in order to ensure the longevity of your system.

Comprehensive Range of Accessories

All of our pallet rack systems can be adapted to your specific needs thanks to the many available accessories that you can select from our extensive product range. Besides a variety of beams, corner sections and shelves, several types of safety features are available. Moreover, you can also choose from a variety of marking elements and storage systems equipment.

Future Proof

You will not encounter any issues should you be required to store different types of items in the future. Regardless of how your needs evolve over time, P90 can be easily adapted to meet those needs. Thanks to its modular construction method, the individual section sizes can be adjusted and the extensive range of available accessories ensures that your system will remain suitably equipped even after your changed requirements have led to adaptations.


  • Easily adaptable;
  • Heights of up to 30 meters;
  • Variable depths and widths;
  • Suitable for all kinds of storage devices;
  • In accordance with FEM, SEMA, DIN, INSTA;
  • Height adjustable up to 50 mm;
  • Fully galvanised and therefore very durable (10 year guaranty);
  • Extremely strong due to special affixation of beams and poles;
  • Customisation and multiple benefits due to in-house production and engineering;
  • Large choice of accessories.

The P90 pallet rack system was designed to consist of standard-sized elements in order to ensure that the available space is being used as efficiently as possible.

Standard sizes:

Frame depth:800, 1000, 1100, 1200 mm
Frame height:From 1500 mm To 30000 mm


Section load capacity:Up to 30000 kg

Standard finish:

Accessories:Galvanised / painted

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