Office Partitioning

Office Partitioning

  • 1st February 2016

quick fitting, sturdy and an aesthetically pleasing solution to office interiors

Combining solid walls with windows or for the ultimate open space, a glass frameless system. The full office interior range consists of office partitions, glass walls, glass office partitions, plasterboard office fit-outs and an extended variety of vinyl finishes and doors.


Colourline Office Partitioning 

Colourline13Colourline is our demountable framed partitioning system for quick on-site installation. Featuring pre-glazed windows and pre-decorated panels, no system could be more flexible or quicker and simpler to install. There are little or no snagging and no wet trades needed on site. The wide spectrum of colours and versatile system options allow you to create your own office environment at outstanding value cost with Colourline.




Silverline Office Partitioning

Silverline4With clean lines and stark simplicity for a stylish office environment, our modular partitioning offers steel and aluminium modular partitions with metallic colour finishes. A stunning choice of metallic paint finishes, plus doors in a range of handsome veneers. A durable powder coating in six standard colours can be applied to the aluminium skirting or joint trim.



Glass  Office Partitions 

vitrage4Vitrage is a glazed partition system that combines function with the clear, aesthetic benefits of silicone glazing. Using a minimum number of aluminium framing sections, Vitrage provides an office divide that allows unhindered vision while still maintaining the privacy of individual offices.





Folding Partitions and Movable Walls


The Operable Wall range offers an unrivalled choice of quality engineered moveable partitions that provide effective space management.







A wide choice of internal fittings is available, offering extensive permutations, from high-density filing to audio-visual presentation systems.






Glass and Blinds


A full range of glazing options is available with blinds or manifestations to meet building regulations or match corporate designs.






Office Dry Lining

Products are available from all leading board manufacturers.dry1





Doors and Joinery


We supply a full range of timber doors and frames to complement all demountable and relocatable systems. Door blanks are available in either cellular or solid core along with coordinated timber frames and veneer options depending on specification.
Our ‘in house’ bespoke service is offered to accommodate specific client’s requirements and non-standard ‘specials’ along with the full range of glazed vision panel options.






Tenon ironmongery offers the choice to satisfy both design and performance criteria.







Wall Coverings


A wide choice of Muraspec and Tektura vinyl and accessories are available to finish any project.





Interested? Call our Design team on 01302 300200 or Email us here 

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