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Hi280 – Mobile Shelving

  • 8th July 2015

The HI280 shelving system has a large versatility when combined with Compactus® mobile bases, providing the optimal compact storage system. Mobile shelving is used for small parts storage and handling as well as different kinds of archive storage solutions.

The shelving system is mounted on mobile units that run along rails, these mobile units match the depth and width according to HI280 shelving’s standard sizes.

Compact shelving systems can create very secure storage as the mobile units can be locked together and access given to a single person who is supplied with the code that will open the system.

Mobile HI280 shelving can be used for the storage of small parts, boxes or tyres.

Dexion Hi280 - Mobile Shelving

Download a HI280 Shelving Brochure here.

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HI280 mobile shelving system is manufactured from pre-galvanized steel for the shelving while the mobiles are made of epoxy coated steel. The mobile base wheels run on rails either in-layed into the floor or mounted directly on top of an existing surface. In spite of high loads, up to 15 tons, a row of shelving can easily be moved manually.

The large range of versatile accessories within the Hi280 shelving system makes a compact installation easy to configure.

Electronic options are available for “touch control”; a light touch of a button on the control panel is all that is needed to open the required shelving aisle.

The Compactus® mobile shelving system is known for its very high degree of reliability and quality, due to its technical and service friendly design.

HI280 Mobile Shelving installations in a warehouse can double the capacity of storage. This is the result of only requiring one aisle for access and the “eliminated” aisles are used for storage.

The maximum loading for one row of shelving when moving it manually is 40 tons. Equal to a block of 20 shelving bays loaded with 2000 kg per bay.

A row of shelving can be built from 1000 to 3000 mm in height and the depth from 300–500 mm. Loading capacity per shelf is from 75-400 kg. Operating a compact store installation is done either manually or electronically using a touch-sensitive control panel. The aisles between the sections can be supplied with automatic lighting which only illuminates the open aisle. The complete installation can be equipped with an accessibility system.

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