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Economy Shelving

  • 8th July 2015

Where savings matter most

There are times, of course, when you simply don’t need high-spec shelving. Where there’s just no real need for a wide range of accessories. All you want is good, simple, solid shelving. But don’t think that Economy Shelving is a light weight system. These shelves can each hold 80kg when the weight is evenly distributed across the shelf.

Dexion Economy shelving fits the bill, wherever you need some handy, robust shelving. It’s designed using Dexion’s experience in meeting storage needs for offices, factories and stores, all over the world. So you’ll find it’s perfectly sized, perfectly capable, for a huge range of ad-hoc and odd-job storage projects. And it won’t break the bank – shelving as good as this never cost so little!

Economy shelving is perfect for duty in janitor’s stores, small workshops, maintenance bays, post and stationery rooms – anywhere where neat, tidy space-saving and organised storage is called for. And at Economy prices, you can keep a spare flatpack ready, just in case!

The shelves are available in three types: Painted, Chipboard and Galvanised.
In all cases the uprights are painted blue.

These budget shelves are only available in one size.

Dexion Economy Shelving

Interested? Call our Design team on 01302 300200 or Email us here 

Economy shelving bays come in a standard width and height. Each flat-packed bay comes complete with 5 Galvanised, Chipboard or Powder coated shelves. And like all Dexion shelving, it assembles easily and quickly. Just clip together, then tap tight for rigid strength and safety. When your needs change, it’s just as easily to dismantled or reconfigured. Why not download theEconomy Shelving Assembly Instructions.

Height: 2000 mm

Width: 1000 mm

Shelf depth: 450 mm

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