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Carton Flow

  • 8th July 2015

Dexion Carton flow is a vital part of the supply chain for components at assembly lines and conveyer belt lines. A picking station is constructed of a rack supplied with leaning roller tracks used to transport components to the assembly station. Wheeled tracks can also be used in warehouses as a part of the overall logistics process. Loading on one side and unloading on the opposite according to the FIFO principals (First in first out).

Dexion carton flow systems are built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels allowing for fast and simple changes in warehouse layout. Loading and unloading are separated into different aisles and picking can be conducted without interruptions.

The racks are adjustable and designed from an ergonomic point of view in order to obtain efficient handling for the workers.

Storing in carton flow systems has large economic advantages due to the fact that cartons are stored with a high packing density, releasing floor space compared with traditional storage methods, while also reducing travel distances and times between stock shelves and picking face.

Dexion Carton flow

The carton flow system can be built as a “stand-alone” unit, free-standing, with or without wheels or integrated into the pallet racking, sometimes on the lower levels below the bulk storage.

The option to adjust shelves and wheel tracks to fit various demands makes the system suitable for many sizes and weights of packages. The modular system in combination with simple and fast installation makes rebuilding at layout changes really user-friendly.

The width of the tracks can be adjusted in steps of 11,5 mm. The wheel tracks are supplied with guiding rails in order to simplify loading. Dividers steer the goods in a straight line to avoid damages. The wheeled tracks are manufactured of galvanized steel profiles and the rollers are made of high-quality polyethylene.

The basis of the carton flow system is to be modular and easily changeable. The number of levels in the racking can be adapted depending on methods of handling, manual or forklift handling of goods and cartons. The number of picks per time unit is limitless.

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