Portfolio / Shelving Systems and small parts handling

Hi280 - Standard Shelving

Shelving system HI280 is the most unique shelving system in the market due to its versatility and design based on a minimum of components.

Hi280 - Narrow Aisle Shelving

The main advantage of a Hi280 narrow aisle storage installation is the optimization of storage space.

Hi280 - Mobile Shelving

The HI280 shelving system has a large versatility when combined with Compactus® mobiles, providing the optimal compact storage system.

Hi280 Multi-Tier Shelving

HI280 Shelving system can be built to two tiers or more interposed by self supported mezzanine floor.

Hi280 - Medium Span Shelving

HI280 Medium Span (Longspan) shelving is often used for pick locations and for products which are preferably stored on chipboard shelves.

Maxi bins and Containers

Maxi Bins are plastic bins/containers suitable for small parts and component storage.

Carton Flow

Dexion carton flow is built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels for fast and simple alterations when changes in layout are required.

Longspan Shelving

Dexion Longspan - typical applications would be the storage of archives or other data held in file boxes or when the items being stored are either long or bulky.

Sysco Office Shelving

Sysco® can be adapted to your needs and wishes. This steel shelving system has multiple depths and heights and will flushly fit all available space.

Economy Shelving

Economy shelving is perfect in janitor’s stores, small workshops, maintenance bays, post and stationery rooms - neat, boltless shelving with galvanised or chipboard shelves.

Budgetline 300 Shelving

Galvanised Budget shelving with almost unlimited uses. Construction uses nuts and bolts.

Slotted Angle

Now almost 70 years old Dexion Slotted angle is the original adjustable storage system, suitable for many applications.

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